Saturday 1 November 2014

Learn QTP Core Concepts

Hello there - On this Page, you will find all concepts of QTP (UFT).

QTP (UFT) Specific Concepts
  1. Object Repository in QTP
  2. Descriptive Programming
  3. QTP Test Settings
  4. Recovery Scenario in QTP
  5. Datatable in QTP
  6. Utility Objects in QTP
  7. Taking a screenshot in QTP
  8. Adding Standard Checkpoints in QTP
  9. Understanding Output Value in QTP
  10. Transactions in QTP
  11. Regular Expression Evaluator in QTP
  12. Code to view associated library file in QTP
  13. How to open website in any browser in QTP
  14. Loading ini file in QTP
  15. Folder structure and File extensions in QTP
  16. Difference between QTP 10 and QTP 11

QTP, VBScript, WSH and Windows PowerShell
  1. Error Handling in QTP
  2. File System Object
  3. Dictionary Object
  4. Defining Arrays in QTP
  5. Array and Dictionary in QTP
  6. Regular Expressions in QTP
  7. QTP and Databases
  8. Web Application Testing using HTML DOM in QTP
  9. String handling in QTP
  10. Date and Time in QTP
  11. Maths functions in QTP
  12. Classes in Vbscript and QTP
  13. Data Type Conversions in VBScript
  14. Msgbox function in VBScript
  15. Round, int and fix in VBScript
Miscellaneous Topics
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